August 23rd, 2018

RPGaDay in August - August 23rd: Which Game Do You Hope to Play Again?

We continue on with #RPGaDay in August.



Day 23 - Which game do you hope to play again?

Easy question for today. There are two rpgs that I want to play again.

The first is the time travel rpg, Continuum: Roleplaying in the Yet from the folks at Aetherco. It's my favourite time travel rpg, and I adore the simplicity of the mechanics and the nature of time travel in the game. Even if it can cause headaches at times. :)

The second rpg that I want to play again is the French fantasy rpg, Agone, based on the books my Mathieu Gaborit. It's one of the most creative and innovative fantasy worlds that I've ever had the pleasure of gaming in, but it's got a set of mechanics that my players hated (though everyone loved the magic system).

Hey, I can dream, right? :)