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May 16th, 2019

Happy Birthday, xnbach!

Today is xnbach's birthday!

Happy birthday, Thom! :)

May the Goddess bless with you with good health, happiness, good cheer, prosperity, and love over the course of the coming year, and may you always have a warm breeze at your back.

Have a terrific day, mate! :)

Happy Birthday, angusabranson!

Today is angusabranson's birthday!

Happy birthday, Angus! :)

May the Goddess bless with you with good health, happiness, good cheer, prosperity, and love over the course of the coming year, and may you always have a warm breeze at your back. And, of course, best wishes for the success of your gaming endeavours!

Have a terrific day, mate, and raise a mug or two for me in celebration! :)

CanGames Begins Tomorrow

It is just one more sleep until CanGames 2019 here in Ottawa.

I'm looking forward to going to this convention for the most part, despite some health stuff that's going on. It's a chance to meet old friends and acquaintances, chat with new folks and the like and doing the gaming thing, of course. I'm looking forward to running the session of Blue Planet Recontact (v3, forthcoming), the one John Carter of Mars Roleplaying Game, and two Capharnaüm - The Tales of the Dragon-Marked games, naturally, though I do really hope that I actually get some players for the four games. (Depending on the number of players for Sunday's game, I may swap that Capharnaüm game for another John Carter of Mars game, but we'll see tomorrow.)

My only real concern about the convention is walking this year. The new shoes I bought, along with the orthotics for them, need adjusting, so I'm going to have to wear the regular insoles with them. But my feet are hurting quite badly, and I've got some...marring of the feet and toes as well. Carrying may be a problem as well, since the issues with my left shoulder are quite bad, making lifting things and the like very painful. And, of course, I've got to watch my blood sugars carefully and take my insulin dose at night during the convention, so that bears some more forethought as well. We'll see how things go.

Packing For Friday's Session at CanGames

I've been down and out, and somewhat weepy, today with both the leg, feet and shoulder pain and what I suspect are my allergies, so took a couple of good naps this afternoon. Hopefully, I'll get decent night's sleep tonight.

I finally felt well enough in the late afternoon and early evening to start doing the packing of gaming stuff that I need to do for CanGames, which begins tomorrow. Well, at least the gaming stuff for the Blue Planet Recontact (v3, forthcoming) RPG session that I'm scheduled to run on Friday night. Scenario, dice, paper & pencils, character sheets for the players, and so forth. Started assembling and putting together some of the stuff that I need to take with me vis a vis medications, toiletry stuff (you never know), and some of the foodstuffs for snacking and the like, but that won't get packed until I am getting ready to hit the road late tomorrow morning or early afternoon. Most of the rest of the gaming stuff for the weekend is "assembled" and virtually ready to go, just needing to be packed the night before the running of the games.

I'm looking forward to CanGames this year, though I've been stressed and panicked about it somewhat the last two weeks or so. That said, I find bringing all the meds and stuff that I need, as well as the gaming stuff itself, a pain in the neck. (I could resolve the latter part by not running any games at the convention, but truth be told, I do like offering some of the more eclectic and/or indie games that I run for folks to play in.)


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