May 22nd, 2019

John Carter of Mars RPG Character Creation - Haju Hallan

Since I'm about to start running the John Carter of Mars Roleplaying Game published by Modiphius Entertainment on both my Friday night and Sunday afternoon gaming groups, I thought I would post up here a detailed example of character creation for the John Carter of Mars Roleplaying Game.


Game: John Carter of Mars Roleplaying Game
Publisher: Modiphius Entertainment
Degree of Familiarity: Pretty familiar. I’ve been a fan of the the source material for five decades, and have been running the current game for the past few months on and off in preparation for the campaigns I’ll run on my Friday and Sunday gaming groups.
Books Required: John Carter of Mars Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook.

Please note that this post is extremely long, as I've gone into the game mechanics a bit in terms of character creation, and have provided background on the character and the choices. Hence the majority of this post is behind the cut. That said, there is some of the game mechanics and descriptions of game world elements that I've skimped on in this write-up, so if you want to know more, just drop me a line in the Comments.

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And there you have the character that I created for the John Carter of Mars Roleplaying Game. This character took me about 25 minutes to create, with about 10 minutes of leafing through the Core Rulebook and the like. Character generation in John Carter of Mars Roleplaying Game can definitely take a while, if one doesn’t know what one is trying to do, the Talents portion of the process taking the longest. If one has an idea of what one wants in the player character, the process will definitely take no more than about 15 minutes or so, but to be honest, this is a game system that is a lot of fun to work with, even if it doesn’t seem to present a wide variation of characters.

Comments and feedback are welcome. :)

CanGames 2019 Day 2 Report

Here's my report and write-up on the second day of CanGames 2019. You can read the report on CanGames 2019 Day 2 by following the link. This report on the second day of CanGames 2019 is quite long since I ran two games on this day, but there are pretty much no photos of the games or the Saturday at the convention. Naturally, it's behind the cut for those who aren't interested.

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And that's the wrap-up of Saturday at CanGames 2019. As you can see this entry was a long one, and had a only one photo for the enjoyment of those reading the blog entry. Hope folks enjoyed this journal entry, and if so, please comment with any thoughts you might have on the entry. All I know is I'm just tired from typing this up! :)