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June 13th, 2019

Well, the news has dropped finally...

DC Comics is relaunching the Legion of Super-Heroes with a title called "Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium" that will be a two-issue series leading up to a brand new Legion title. About time! :)

Here's the headline story:

DC Legion of Superheroes Reboot Details Revealed

DC Announces Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium With Brian Michael Bendis & Ryan Sook

The first article also displays some of Ryan Sook's illos of some of the Legionnaires for the series, and for me it's a mixed bag. To start with, what's with all the short hair on the characters? Where is the flowing mane of Saturn Girl? Come to think of it, where's the planet and rings symbol that Saturn Girl has had in each of her previous incarnations, a sign that she is proud of her heritage? What's with the very short, punkish (at least to me) hair styles of the characters, other than Shadow Lass? The new design of Chameleon Boy is one that I definitely don't like, to be honest, as there's stuff there reminiscent of Element Lad in one of his incarnations. The new Shadow Lass look is quite nice though, as is the re-design of Brainiac 5.

That said, it's not the re-designs and look of the new team that we should be concerned with, it's whether they have the personalities of the Legion members and the dynamics that we've seen during the heyday of the team.

Regardless, I can't *wait* for the start of the new launch of the Legion of Super-Heroes title! :)

Long Live the Legion! :)


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