November 1st, 2019

November Is a New Month

It is a new month. November.

Or Movember, as it's also known, since a lot of men grow moustaches for the month as a means of supporting prostate cancer research and the like. (Since I have a moustache already, I guess I can just let it grow a bit longer, right? :) )

I'm glad to see the back of October, to be honest, as I've been very sick with a bug of some sort for the last week or so. The cough has been blue murder, but I don't have a fever. Head is very blocked, lots of phlegm, and...ah, well. I don't think it's the flu, but am trying to stay at home and take it easy, sleep, and not move around too much. Still hydrating, and trying to eat food. But I'm still pretty sick, as mentioned. Might take another week or two to get over this infection (I hope).

Not a lot of appointments booked for November thus far ::knock on wood:: but that could change as the month goes on. I still have to get the flu shot this year, but that likely will have to wait until I manage to fight off this bout of whatever it is I've got.

I'm also hoping that Old Man Winter decides to hold off somewhat in regards to the white stuff. I'd really appreciate that.