January 14th, 2020

Repost: Coriolis - The Third Horizon Character Creation - Muhammed ibn Kefiris

Since I'm about to start running the Coriolis - The Third Horizon RPG published by Fria Ligan, and distributed by Modiphius Entertainment, once more, I thought I would re-post up here a detailed example of character creation for the Coriolis - The Third Horizon Roleplaying Game. Enjoy! :)


Please note that this post is extremely long, as I've gone into the game mechanics a bit in terms of character creation, and have provided background on the character and the choices. Hence the majority of this post is behind the cut. That said, there is some of the game mechanics and descriptions of game world elements that I've skimped on in this write-up, so if you want to know more, just drop me a line in the Comments.

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And there's the first character that I created for the Coriolis - The Third Horizon science fantasy roleplaying game. While the write-up on the character is quite long and may seem like a complicated process, it's really not. Muhammed took me about about 2-1/2 hours to create, and that includes the time that it took to read sections of the book on various aspects of the character, and he was my first character for the game system.

Anyway, that's it. Comments and feedback on the game, the mechanics, and the character are welcome. :)