October 31st, 2020

Happy Halloween!


Kids running up and down the streets, shouting "Trick or treat!" at the top of their lungs, obedient parents in tow. People dressing up in various costumes, some good some bad. All sorts of Halloween candies, toffee, and caramel apples, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, and so forth. Hollowed out pumpkins in windows lit by a single candle within. Witches, ghoulies, and goblins, oh my.

While the door-to-door trick or treat stuff won't be happening, depending on your area and the state of coronavirus there, not to mention how you feel about letting the kids go out for this annual candyfest, I do hope that folks have a good time this year on this night.

I just want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

Be safe, treat the kids right tonight, and watch out for all those Donald Trump look-alikes! :)

R.I.P.: Sir Sean Connery (1930-2020)

Terribly sad news in the world of entertainment today.

Legendary actor and James Bond portrayer Sean Connery has died at the age of 90.

Sean Connery: James Bond Actor Dies Aged 90

James Bond Actor Sean Connery Dead at Age 90

Like most fans of Connery's work, I first encountered him as James Bond in Ian Fleming's book of the same name and saw Dr. No (1962) some time in 1969 or 1970. When I was old enough to appreciate his Bond. But he was also known for a lot of his other film work that I adored. You can read about his work in films in the Wikipedia entry that I liked to at the beginning of this blog post. I pretty much liked all of his work, even though the Scottish accent never leaves him, whether he's playing an Arab or an American. :) That said, he will be the *definitive* James Bond for me always.

Rest In Peace, Sir Sean. From now on, all your drinks will be shaken, not stirred.