September 12th, 2021

Getting Ready for Sunday Afternoon Gaming

Another one of those September days where the weather is warmish, without being hot, but there's a good deal of humidity in the air. Makes me feel uncomfortable, to be honest, and with the health issues I'm dealing with at the moment, just out of sorts.

I'll be gaming this afternoon shortly with the Sunday gaming group, and am rather looking forward to it. We'll still be taking health precautions this afternoon, of course, as while everyone wants to game but knows we have to play it safe in this time of COVID-19.

I'll be starting the first adventure in this new, Sunday campaign of the DragonQuest RPG today, and I'm quite looking forward to it as I hope are the players as well.

In the meantime, I need to get my act together and tidy up the living room a bit. The relax for a few moments.

Have a good day, folks. :)