September 13th, 2021

To Those Going to GenCon

Since I know that a lot of my gaming friends and peeps are going to this year's GenCon 2021, and will be heading out sooner rather than later, I want to wish all of you a very happy GenCon.

Be safe, be healthy, be happy, have good gaming experiences, don't go too crazy in the dealer's room, have more good gaming experiences, and don't forget to blog and post pics and all that good stuff. Oh, and remember not to come home with con crud! :)

Speaking of con crud... To be honest, in this time of COVID-19 and the current fourth wave of the coronavirus, I think it's crazy that the convention organizers in Indianapolis are going ahead with the in-person convention this year, and I think it's even crazier that there are gamers and others out there who are going to potentially risk their health (even if they have been vaccinated and plan to maintain social distancing and all the other guidelines) this year by going to the convention. There are folks, both gamers and game companies, who've already declared that they won't be attending GenCon this year due to the health concerns surrounding the ongoing pandemic, and I applaud their sane and sensible decision. If you go to the convention, regardless of your vaccination status, catching coronavirus will be a heck of a lot worse than the standard con crud.

All of that said, while I am totally envious of you guys and gals going to the convention, I'm not sorry that I'm not going this year (and likely will never again). No hassles with gaming schedules, air flights, hotel accommodation, the poor Canadian dollar, and various other aspects that I would have stressed over. Not to mention my general and specific health concerns that are ongoing at the moment.

Anyway, to all the folks going to GenCon, 2021 this year, be *very*, very safe and healthy. But still have fun! :)

Important Subject If You're Going to GenCon

I've been giving some thought to all things GenCon Indy at the moment, given the convention is less than a week away. Thought that I would pass along a simple piece of advice: Remember the 5/3, 2, 1 Rule of GenCon. This means that in every 24 hours, get at least 5 (or 3) hours of sleep a night, 2 meals per day (at least one of them should be hot), and take 1 shower per day. And these are minimums, folks, bare minimums (at least for some people).

Following this basic guideline will keep you alive through the convention, maximize your time for gaming, and allow for the comfort of those with whom you are gaming. Please, please, please take a shower and use deodorant, folks. Oh, and no matter what you think, cologne/perfume cannot and does not make up for the lack of showering.

And here, to put the whole showering thing into perspective, is Savage Gypsy:

That said, given that the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is among us, it's important for those physically attending the convention, regardless of whether you're vaccinated or not (but especially if not, and if not, WHY are you going to attend that convention??!!), to wear a mask, practice social distancing when possible, and keep washing your hands. The protocols for COVID-19 are there for a reason in these difficult times.

Finally, for those attending the convention... Have a good time, but... Stay safe, and stay healthy.

Sunday Afternoon Game Report - DragonQuest RPG, Session 1

Yesterday afternoon (Sunday), the Sunday afternoon gaming group came out to start playing a new campaign of the DragonQuest RPG fantasy roleplaying game and started with their first session of actual play of the game. You can read about the Session 0 that was played two or so weeks ago by following the link. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Collapse )

Sunday afternoon's game session of the start of the DragonQuest RPG campaign was a pretty good one, marred only by my spending about twenty minutes or so in the bathroom towards the end, inconveniently in the middle of the fight with the skeletons. The session went as well as can be expected, given I've only got two players [anyone out there want to join the Sunday group and play? - jk], and Tammy got some good roleplaying in, interacting with the NPC Tanar Ranvek. SteveR seemed puzzled at times about what to do, but he's also dealing with other issues at the moment, so I can't say I was disappointed or surprised. Both players seemed to enjoy the game session, and are looking forward to the next game session.

Overall, it was a decent game session for the Sunday group, and started off the new campaign in a relatively straight forward manner. I'm looking forward to the next session of the game.