November 14th, 2021

Sunday Gaming Session Cancelled

Today is Sunday.

I was supposed to game this afternoon with the Sunday players today.

That isn't going to happen. I've been feeling somewhat ill most of this week, and am down with something of a head cold or perhaps a mild case of flu (even though I had my flu shot already) inspired by those last few days when I didn't dress warm(ly) enough when I did go outside. It's my usual cold that I get around late October and early November, so it's nice to see that it's on time as usual. So there will be no gaming this afternoon with the Sunday group.

I'm kind of sad about this, as I've been looking forward to starting the second adventure for the DragonQuest RPG campaign with the Sunday players today - or perhaps sneaking a session of The Troubleshooters RPG in, instead. :) And some gaming today would have been nice, given the gloominess of the weather and all.

Oh, well.