November 21st, 2021

Sunday Afternoon Gaming Session Cancelled

Today is Sunday.

I was supposed to game this afternoon with the Sunday players today.

That isn't going to happen. As mentioned elsewhere, I've been feeling somewhat ill for a bit now, and am down with something of a head cold or perhaps a mild case of flu (even though I had my flu shot already) inspired by those last few days when I didn't dress warm(ly) enough when I did go outside. It's my usual cold that I get around late October and early November, so it's nice to see that it's on time as usual. While I am feeling somewhat better, I'm still not really up to gaming this afternoon. So there will be no gaming today with the Sunday group.

I'm kind of sad about this, as I was looking forward to getting back to the Sunday afternoon gamers' DragonQuest RPG campaign, but such is life.

Oh, well.