December 1st, 2021

Start of December, A New Month

It's December 1st. A new month.

Once more, November is a month that I'm happy to see the back end of, and I suspect pretty much everyone feels the same way. This was a month that saw the COVID-19 pandemic take a new twists with the Omicron variant arriving in North America from South Africa (there are quite a few cases now here in Ottawa), and being a stronger than ever version of the virus. The new wave of COVID-19 that seems to be starting up looks like it will quite devastating, and hospitals in some places are likely to be swamped and overwhelmed once more (if they're not already that way in some places). Add in the natural disasters and some man-made attacks that have happened (and continue to do so as I write this), and it looks like it's going to be a heck of month. That said, I'm dreading the true coming of winter this month, but given how last month went, just happy December has arrived.

October and November tend to be the months when I come down with my usual late Fall, and this year has been no exception. I fell somewhat ill in late October, and this continued into November. I felt better around the early part of the month, but then made a mistake dressing for outside a couple of days, and have been somewhat ill since then and through the end of the month of November. Most of November I was pretty much feeling a general malaise and just feeling out of sorts. Not to mention, I still don't get all that much sleep and I don't sleep all that well. November didn't see a lot of medical appointments for me, as stuff got cancelled several times, and the heart tests pertaining to the myocarditis didn't happen either. Have to figure out what to do about that, to be honest, as I'm not going to get the booster shot against coronavirus until I know whether I've got the condition or not. And to be honest, I may well have also been suffering some of the myocarditis effects this month as well.

Being Jewish and a singleton, December tends to be a depressing month for me. I'm not sure what this year holds in this respect, as I don't really have any family here in Ottawa, and I may be seeing little or more of my gaming friends (see below), depending on (health) and other stuff. With the new COVID variant, things will go however they go.

Hopefully, the month of December will be quiet on the medical front for me, though I have an appointment this afternoon for some footcare, and have one next Wednesday for a hip/leg set of x-rays. Nothing else scheduled for the moment. As for the rest of December, I'm hoping it passes quietly, there's not a lot of snow ::knock on wood:: again, and that someone buys me a Christmas present of some sort! :)

In terms of gaming this December, both the Friday and Sunday gaming groups have decided they will take things week by week, given the the continuing threat of coronavirus and the new Omicron variant. To be honest, I'm not all that inclined to run the DragonQuest RPG right now, as it's too taxing (math-wise) on my brain and all. I want to play something not so much light and fluffy, but more relaxing and less top heavy mechanics-wise, and so I'm going to run The Troubleshooters for the month and into the early new year, and see how that goes. Again, how much gaming (if any) this month will depend on the health concerns of the players, so I'm taking it one week at a time.

The real trick for me in December (well, most of the winter, really) is to manage to keep warm. The arthritis that I have is one thing, but the neuropathy damage from the diabetes that I also have makes winter tough on my keeping the extremities warm. Not to mention hydration.

The Troubleshooters RPG Character Creation - Claude Emile Lambert

Since I'm about to start running The Troubleshooters</i> RPG, the roleplaying game being published by Helmgast, for the month of December and into the new year, on both my Friday night and Sunday afternoon gaming groups, I thought I would post up here a detailed example of character creation for The Troubleshooters RPG.

Game: The Troubleshooters RPG
Publisher: Helmgast
Degree of Familiarity: Somewhat familiar with it. I've read the game rules, and have created a couple of player characters for the game so far. :)
Books required: The Troubleshooters RPG Core Book.

Please note that this post is extremely long, as I've gone into the game mechanics a bit in terms of character creation, and have provided background on the character and the choices. Hence the majority of this post is behind the cut. That said, there is some of the game mechanics and descriptions of game world elements that I've skimped on in this write-up, so if you want to know more, just drop me a line in the Comments.

Collapse )

And there you have the character that I created for the The Troubleshooters Roleplaying Game. This character took me about 25 minutes to create, with about 15 to 20 minutes of leafing through the Core Rulebook and the like. Character generation in The Troubleshooters can definitely take a while, if one doesn’t know what one is trying to do. If one has an idea of what one wants in the player character, and with some practice under the belt at doing so, the process will definitely take no more than about 15 minutes or so, but to be honest, this is a game system that is a lot of fun to work with, even if it doesn’t seem to present a wide variation of characters.

Comments and feedback are welcome. :)