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Sunday Afternoon Game - Star Trek Adventures

Yesterday afternoon, spross ran the Star Trek Adventures RPG.

Technically. Tammy and I finished off character creation for the game, and then he went through the game rules for the system and then gave us the basic background for the start of the campaign.

I have gone somewhat outside the box for the character that I'm going to play in the game. A while back, SteveR and I tested out the character generation system and I created a Roman character for the game, who'd been found in a stasis chamber of some sort on a word in the Pompeii system. I really wanted to play him, and thus Marcus Claudius Antoninus was born. He's a Lieutenant Commander and a Conn officer. Should be interesting to see how this character shakes out, especially with the mystery of how he came to be in the Pompeii system!

The rules for the Star Trek Adventures RPG are pretty simple, as the game uses the 2d20 Momentum system, but there appear to be layers to the various rules, almost like peeling away the flesh of an onion and finding more rules beneath. I'm not sure how I feel about them, but we'll see as the game goes on.

The basic campaign will see my character and Tammy's doctor serving aboard Picard's old ship, the U.S.S. Stargazer during the pre-"Generations" movie period, exploring the newly discovered Shackleton Expanse (what seems to be the default campaign area/region for the game). See how that goes.

I'm looking forward to the game, and seeing how narrative the system is. (It'll be a good learning lesson for me when it comes time for me to get into the John Carter of Mars RPG once it comes out in print.)
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