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Sunday Gaming Cancelled, Sort of

Gaming is off, sort of, once more this afternoon.

Tammy is woring on-call this weekend again (she does this two weeks on, two weeks off), so spross won't be running the Star Trek Adventures campaign that he's started this afternoon.

SteveR has decided, however, that he'll be coming over this afternoon, as he's enjoying creating characters for the Capharnaum - The Tales of the Dragon-Marked rpg. We're going to create a couple of "different" kind of characters to see how the system works with them and whether they can be effective characters to begin with. Once more, see how things go.

I wasn't sure whether we'd game at all today, as the devastation and aftermath of the tornadoes that hit Ottawa and the surrounding areas is still manifest, and there are lots of power outages all over the place. My power was out for about 17 hours (it came back on late Saturday morning), so that was a blessing. The city's east end wasn't hit as badly as the west end, to be honest, but there were places that were hit here too.

Anyway, a bit of gaming to distract me.

Have a good afternoon, folks. :)
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