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Friday Evening Game Report - Torg Eternity, Session 11

The Friday night gaming group continued play in their Living Land campaign of the Torg Eternity RPG yesterday evening. You can read about the previous session of the game by following the link. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about my roleplaying game campaigns.


Melanie Franconi (KathyB) - Cat Burglar/Thief
Wendy Saltman (Angela) - Courier/Street Thief
Sandra Mitchell (Ellie) - Librarian/Magical Dabbler
Lucas Wells (Mark) - Businessman/Realm Runner
Andrew Quilling/Andar (Peter) - Transformed (Living Land) Athlete

April 28th, 2017

The Storm Knights debate what they need to do, and Wendy Saltman tells them that it’s obvious...they have to travel to Middletown, Delaware, and see what has happened to the other Storm Knights. And bring them, and the eternity shard, back to Philadelphia. The Storm Knights talk some more, and Sandra Mitchell recalls hearing about eternity shards back in Philly; they’re artifacts of some sort that bear the Possibility energy in them, as well as having powers related to the shard itself. She says she overheard a couple of scientists talking about it while eating lunch one day. Lucas Wells says that they shouldn’t let the shard fall into the “wrong hands” and the other characters agree to travel the next morning.

The next morning, the Storm Knights set out for Middletown, Delaware. The Greenleafs offer to take care of “Hapa” and the other Redjaws’ camp survivors, and Sandra Mitchell is pleased at this. Lucas tells the others they will follow the river the best they can, and that should lead them roughly where they need to go. Two of the Greenleaf scouts approach the characters, and inform them that they are travelling deep into the Serasi tribe of edeinos’s territory. Frt’ka the scout tells them that the Serasi are a peaceful tribe, but does not know if they have allied with Baruk Kaah or with the humans of the area. He offers to accompany the characters, but Lucas tells him that they need to do this on their own. When Frt’ka leaves, Melanie Franconi says that he’s crazy not having availed himself of the edeinos scout. Lucas replies that he doesn’t trust the edeinos on their side enough to let the eternity shard fall into their claws. The group stops after a couple of hours at a small stream, and the characters take a quick break for a bit of food and some water.

The Storm Knights continue on their way, Lucas leading them in the right direction. They narrowly avoid a patrol of edeinos [Lucas spends a Possibility on a roll to avoid them], and continue to make their way along the river. Their route curves around somewhat to the southeast, and Andar points out smoke rising a little to their due south. The group decides to investigate, and comes upon a small group of primitive humans eating food at a fire! Andar cautiously approaches them, and is able to learn that they were taught the basics of fire-making by a group of “gods”. When they describe the three “gods”, Andar realizes that one of them was William White, the Storm Knight. He thanks them for their time, and returns to the others and tells them what he has learned. The Storm Knights continue to the southeast, and Sandra speculates on William White’s and the Storm Knights’ motivations for helping the primitives out that way. They are unable to conclude much, but Lucas points out that they were helpful to the primitives so that much count for something.

The player characters come close to the end of their first day’s travel, and reach the swollen, meandering river. Lucas says that according to their map of the area, they have to ford the river at this point; it’ll be too deep and treacherous anywhere else. Sandra points out the remains of a concrete bridge off to their left, and says there were some figures on the northern part of the span, but they have moved off. She says she thinks they were edeinos, but can’t be sure in the late day light. With other means available to them, the Storm Knights manage to swim across to the other side of the river [with the use of some Drama cards and a few Possibilities]. While they take stock of themselves and dry off somewhat, Lucas discovers an abandoned campsite. Andar judges it to be three days old, but learns nothing more about it, though he says that some of the bones in the campfire have been gnawed by animals [he rolled a 32 on his Survival check]. Before the Heroes can do much else, Lucas warns them of an attack by wolves [he plays the Alertness card], and then the combat is on.

The wolves slightly outnumber the Storm Knights and are somewhat larger than standard wolves. [Andar plays the Survival of the Fittest Cosm card.] The wolves attack, two of them going after both Andar and Lucas, but fail to harm the characters [though Lucas takes 2 Shock]. Melanie attacks one of the wolves with her spear, and brings it down with a savage attack [she plays a Possibility and a Coup de Grace card]. Wendy and Sandra attack a pair of wolves, and are able to defeat the creatures, sending them crashing to the earth. Lucas attempts to fire his gun at one of the attacking wolves, but the weapon fails [as he disconnects rolling a 1]. Andar uses his mighty club and crushes one of the wolves with it, but chooses to only attack the one. The heroes regroup, while Lucas attempts to reconnect to Core Earth reality and succeeds at doing so. The remainder of the fight is one of bite and claw versus melee weapon, magic, and firearms, and the Storm Knights take down the wolves without too much more difficulty. Andar checks out the wolves, and calls the others over; he points out they’re wearing collars, with a stylized letter “M” on them. The Storm Knights are puzzled by this, but have no time to debate and after cleaning up and moving away from the area where the wolves attacked find a spot that Andar and Lucas deem suitable for a night’s camp.

Over the course of the next couple of days, the Storm Knights manage to avoid any edeinos patrols but are forced to fight a couple of wild beasts (a pair of land lakten and a couple of small, but strong, raptor packs). As the sun rises on the third day, the Storm Knights see their path clear to Middletown, Delaware - which appears to be remarkable intact. The Storm Knights set off towards the town, Sandra informing the others that the town consists of 32,500 people but that she didn’t have enough time to find out if the town was notable for anything else before they left Philadelphia. Before they can talk more, a group of edeinos warriors, numbering some 30, appear out of the surrounding rocks and brush. [Every member of the group failed their Find rolls!]

The edeinos seem more inclined to parley than to attack, however. Andar points out there are around a dozen primitive warriors among them, but another human [a Storm Knight] approaches them, and talks with them. The Storm Knights explain to the man who they are and why they’ve come to the town, and he is relieved. He tells them his name is Howard Yader, and that the community of Middletown seems to be thriving. Many people were killed by animals and lizard-men before the townsfolk figured out how to defend themselves, and if it weren’t for the “pocket of modern reality” they would have been finished. Yader tells them he’s a botanist and that he was out with the hunting party looking for interesting new plants and trees. He and the others are relieved, as several days ago, three “folks out of Philadelphia” arrived, and they were looking for something called an eternity shard. They want to take it away with them, back to Philadelphia, and the townsfolk are afraid that if they do, reality in Middletown will become somewhat primitive.

Yader tells the edeinos what’s going on, and they all take the Storm Knights and lead them into the town. The Storm Knights see that Middletown has become a combination of primitive Living Land reality as well as Core Earth reality, and places that seem to have combinations of the two but seemingly living in harmony. The Storm Knights are led to what appears to be the former city hall of the town, and are introduced to the Middletown Council. The council hears what the Storm Knights have to say, but tell them they are unwilling to part with the “Earth reality maker” as it is serving to preserve their way of life. Sandra and Lucas both say that they will adhere to the Council’s request not to remove the eternity shard. The Council leader, Travis Ford, says this is what they told the others who are asking about the same request. When Lucas asks what others, a voice from the door to the Council chamber says, “Us!”

Turning in that direction, the Storm Knights see three figures that they recognize from their mission briefing in Philadelphia - William White, Joanne Arveldis and Simon Dacree. “I told you they would come,” says Dacree matter-of-factly.

Friday night's session of the Torg Eternity RPG campaign was a pretty good one, considering how ill and somewhat out-of-it I felt, and it's a good thing that I had made notes of the session for the blog! :) The players each had a pretty good time of it, as there was something to do for each character, and Peter mentioned that he loved the "feel of the setting" and that he's looking forward to seeing more Cosms in the game. The group told me that they've enjoyed this adventure so far, and can't wait to see what happens next.

Overall, a good session of the Torg Eternity game campaign. I'm looking forward to next week's session.
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