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And Even More Sunday Capharnaüm Character Creation

As mentioned in yesterday morning's blog entry, spross was going to come over and help me out with some of the household stuff (the broken rib is preventing a lot of motion and movement) and then we were going to create a couple of characters for the Capharnaüm - The Tales of the Dragon-Marked RPG. And that's exactly what we did.

I won't comment here on what SteveR created for this character, his fifth and sixth (!!) for the game, though I hope that he'll tweet or post up something about the two characters. That said, I created a character as well, and thought I'd post up some comments about the character here for those who are interested.

The character, Alhambar Ibn Yazid Abd-Al Tarek, is a sorcerer from Kh'saaba who has taken to wandering and has a fondness for pretty things (take that last bit as you will). The character was pretty easy to create, and I think he's quite neat in a lot of respects. He's got Sacred Word skill at 5 (!!), and knows 10 elements of magic to use with his Create and Transform abilities. That said, he's also learned something during his Legendary years, and has excellent combat skill (Fighting 3). But here, I'll let you be the judge by posting his Skills here...

Adventurer: Athletics 1, Riding 1, Storytelling 2, Survival 2
Labourer: Agriculture 0, Craft 0, Endurance 1, Solidarity 0
Poet: Acting 2, Music 1, Oratory 1, Poetry 2
Prince: Elegance 2, Flattery 3, Save Face 2, Unctuous Bargaining 5
Rogue: Assassination 0, Intrusion 0, Stealth 0, Thievery 0
Sage: History and Peoples 3, Instruction 1, Notice 2, Science 1
Sorcerer: Prayer 5, Sacred Word 5, Sacrifice 4, Willpower 4
Warrior: Combat Training 0, Command 0, Fighting 3, Intimidate 0

Overall, Alhambar is a very nice character, and I'd love to get a chance to play him in a game at some point. :)
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