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Getting Ready for Friday Night Gaming

The weather outside is pretty chilly, though there's no snow (as of yet). ::knock on wood:: I'm still not 100%, and to be honest, my ribs are not healed, but I decided that I wanted to game this evening, and the Friday night gamers are up for it, so...

Gaming for this evening is on! The Friday night gamers will be starting their Capharnaüm - The Tales of the Dragon-Marked RPG campaign of Arabian Nights, Argonauts and Adventure with character generation, and I'm rather looking forward to this.

In the meantime, I need to get upstairs (carefully) and make something relatively filling for supper.

Have a good evening, folks. :)
Tags: capharnaum rpg, character creation, food hut, friday gaming group, life, rpg, rpg hut, supper

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