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First Gaming Session of 2009

A new year, 2009 to be exact. The first Friday night of the new year. And that means gaming, and a gaming report. The notes on this are still pretty fresh in my head. :)

For those who don't know, since I've not gamed on Friday nights per sé since early December, these are the continuing exploits of my Friday night gaming group in their The Edge of Midnight game. You can read here about the previous session by following the link.

For those who don't care about these gaming sessions, the material is behind the cut.

This particular game session was one that dealt with a lot of confrontations. To begin with, Harry Vincent (SteveB) confronted Katie Lane (Kathy), and told her that he knew all about her dealings, the fact that she is a thief, possibly with some magical abilities, She denies his allegations at first, but finally admits it under some pressure exerted by the P.I. He tells her that he wants her help investigating the robberies, and that the clues have led him to the Francis brothers warehouse (see the previous entry). He wants her help to set up a sting of some sort, and will recruit another person or two as well. Much against the wishes of William Greene (see below), Helen Davenport and Ricky Sharp (Nick) made a trip down to Paradiso, so that he could introduce her to his people in the City of Lights, and the two travelled by car. Ricky found himself attracted to the former big screen star, and had second thoughts about the con job. The two arrived in Paradiso, and he delayed his plans to take her to meet his people there. The two went to dinner at a posh Paradiso club instead, getting closer and closer all the time. William Greene (Tom) started to snoop around a bit, with the aid of the Gateway Public Library and a few of his contacts, and learned that the trouble between Helen Davenport and her ex-husband started with the death of their only child at the age of 10, when she was killed by a boa constrictor in Hiram Strand's personal zoo. He comes to the conclusion that it may not have been an accident, and decides to try and find the butler or the maid who were present at the time, and whose comments were included in the newspaper report on the child's death. Over at the Sandy Viper, Angela Freemont (Joanne) tells David Barrett, the owner of the club, that she's giving him notice that she's leaving his place, and taking up an offer to perform exclusively at the Starbright Music Club. Barrett is is surprised and hurt at her decision, and tries to warn her about Steven Gaskell, the owner of the club, but she is adamant in her decision. He seems to reconcile to her decision, and the two arrange the schedule for her last few shows at the Sandy Viper.

As per usual, the group decided they wanted to watch a film noir, and I had no problem with this. The gang watched Robert Montgomery's Lady in the Lake, one of the Philip Marlowe stories by Raymond Chandler, in which Marlowe is hired to investigate the disappearance of a publisher's wife by his personal and administrative assistant (played with fine flair by Audrey Totter). The film is unusual, in that the action is shown completely through Marlowe's (played by Montgomery himself) eyes, and so have a very interesting, if different, perspective on things. The use of mirrors is a clever device used to show Marlowe at times during the film, as well as bits where Marlowe talks to the audience. The Friday nighters enjoyed the movie, although they did feel that it was strange to see a movie from the point of view of the one character. They didn't guess who the killer was until very close to the end, and said that the plot was relatively straight forward, but had some nice red herrings to it.

Overall, this was an excellent start to the Friday night gaming group for 2009, and things went very well. I should be able to wrap up this scenario in a session or two.
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