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Broken Ribs Hospital Report

Just got home from the hospital.

I had my latest follow-up appointment about my broken ribs, and the news is only so-so.

The doctor was pleased to see from today's x-ray that the ribs have finally started to heal properly, about 1/4 healed as of today. He accounts for this by the fact that the calcium injections that I've been having are doing the job, and I had another couple of injections this afternoon as well.

He told me that I have to avoid doing any heavy lifting or motions that make the ribs "extend", as that will hinder the healing and is causing significant pain. He renewed the prescription for Tylenol codeine once more, and told me to use it sparingly if possible. (Believe me, I've only been taking it as a last resort, as it makes me sick to my stomach and bowels and leaves me feeling very dehydrated and woozy. Not my idea of fun.)

Oh, well... at least there's some progress. :)
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