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Sunday Afternoon Game - Star Trek Adventures, Session 2

Spent a good afternoon gaming on Sunday (the 21st of the month). spross continued running his Star Trek Adventures RPG campaign, and had a relatively good time of the afternoon. You can read about the first session of the game by following the link to that post.

Tammy's character, Dr. Genevieve Deschamps, and my character, Lt. Comm. Marcus Claudius Antoninus, continued our adventure saving the station crew of the Xerxes IV station, dealing with everything that was going on on the planet, and trying to get a grasp on the game system and its mechanics. Suffice it to say that we managed to get off the planet in time, succeeded at the basic rescue mission, and headed for Starbase 364 to start our actual new assignments on the U.S.S. Stargazer.

Once aboard the new ship for our assignment, Dr. Deschamps and I met a few of the members of our crew, including a number of aliens (Denobulans, Betazoid, Risians, Bajorans, Trills and a few others, including a centauroid species that SteveR created for the game). So many names, so many aliens! We learned from the command staff of the mission into the Shackleton Expanse and what is known of the area of space.

The first part of the session, which wrapped up the first mission, was one where my character didn't really have a lot to do, though my command abilities came into play often enough. The problem I'm finding is that the game doesn't seem to offer a lot of chance (at least not so far) to roleplay one's character as the missions are at the top of priority list. Well, that and the fact that Starfleet personnel are pretty much limited in their allowed emotional responses. Truth be told, the game isn't really all that appealing to me at the moment, as I'm finding that some of the rules aren't making all that much sense, and I've been trying to find my way in terms of playing Lt. Commander Antoninus without much success. The big problem that I had with the end of the session was that SteveR introduced a whole bunch of aliens aboard the ship, but there's no real differentiation among them. But that's just a function of the game and the tv show/movies its based on as the tv programme was always more visually oriented than anything else. Or perhaps it's just me.

All of that said, however, I am enjoying getting the chance to play in the game, well truth be told, any game, though with only the two players, SteveR seemed to be almost running one of those one player "plot your own adventures" kind of games. There are lots of possible reasons for this, so I'm not going to speculate on those, but there are other problems with the game that I'm not going to address here.
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