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Sunday Afternoon Game - Star Trek Adventures, Session 3

Had an interesting, if somewhat frustrating/annoying game session with the Sunday group a couple of days ago (November 4th). spross continued running his Star Trek Adventures RPG campaign, and had a relatively good time during the afternoon. You can read about the second session of the game by following the link to that post.

After contining with our orientation tour of the U.S.S. Stargazer, Tammy's character (Dr. Genevieve Deschamps) and mine (Lt. Commander Marcus Claudius Antoninus) jumped ahead and proceeded with answering a distress signal from the planet Rube VII (yes, I kid you not!), while the Stargazer continued prepping for departure to the Shackleton Expanse. With a slight bit of difficulty we succeeded at the mission, repairing a dam, and then were ordered back to the Stargazer.

Once the Stargazer was on the way, we jumped ahead tme-wise again, and had our first mission - a survey of a star system with a newly formed neutron star. Preparing to depart the system, the Stargazer's sensors detected a disc-like object entering the system, a 2,500-metres in diameter structure. Ordered to investigate, I took a team including Dr. Deschamps, a Denobulan science officer, a Caitian security officer and a Trill engineering officer to the unidentified object. We discovered there were lots of sensor indistinct lifeforms on the ship - and that it was heading for the sun. We explored the vessel a bit, and discovered a large jungle environment...

While I had a good time and enjoyed myself in the game session, I can't help but continue to feel some frustration with the Star Trek Adventures game system. And with the way that SteveR has been running the game. There are times when rules and other things are too vague, where he's had to look up how some basic situation is resolved, and where the rules make little sense to me (though granted that I've not read the rulebook, so that may be a problem with SteveR's explanations of stuff or lack thereof at time). Tammy doesn't appear to be having this problem with stuff, or if she is, she's not showing it. There's also the fact that I think my character doesn't really "fit" the typical Starfleet crew, as I've mentioned in a previous post. Add to that the pain I'm in and the medication I'm taking for it is causing my emotions to be on my sleeve and face (so to speak). Perhaps I'm just being a little...picky...about things.

Anyway, I *am* enjoying playing to be honest, as I get so little opportunity to get out from behind the GM Screen. Perhaps somewhere deep down (or not so deep, when I think about it) I prefer GMing to playing in games, but it is what it is.
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