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Sunday Afternoon Game - Star Trek Adventures, Session 4

Yesterday's game session of the Star Trek Adventures RPG that we played was fun, yet again frustrating in some ways. spross continued running his Star Trek Adventures RPG campaign. You can read about the third session of the game by following the link to that post.

Continuing from our last session, my character, Lt. Commander Marcus Claudius Antoninus, and Tammy's Dr. Genevieve Deschamps, and our fellow crew entered the jungle environ that we'd found on the large, disc-shaped ship. Learning what we could about the habitat (what else can I call it?), we discovered that the plant life was much more abundant here and was toxic or lethal in a whole variety of ways. Tricorder readings indicated that the main power source was deeper into the jungle, and so we made our way in that direction. We discovered some little, tribble-like creatures, Genevieve found their birthing matrix, and things got weirder from there. My character almost died in a pond of paralytic solution with carnivorous plants that had very large, nasty tendrils (more on this death business below), but survived due to... not sure what, but I hope SteveR didn't fudge the roll. We were eventually attacked by robots as we neared the energy source, but have been taken out rather handily.

The game session ended in the middle of the "fight" with the robots, because time was up for the session and Tammy had to be home by 5:30 pm or so. Overall, it was another good game session that, while I'm enjoying playing in it, isn't giving me all that much to do. Sometimes I think I should have gone with a science officer, but I like my character so we'll see how things go. As noted above, my Marcus Claudius Antoninus almost died because of several different factors. Tammy and I had no Momentum to spend ('cause SteveR keeps forgetting to dish it out when we succeed over the Difficulty of a task, though occasionally we remember to remind him!), I didn't want to give him more Threat to use on us (and even if I had it would have been a lot of it since I needed 2 extra successes), I forgot about the uses of Determination, and finally because of how the melee rules differ from those of ranged combat and because of the plant/tendril special ability. SteveR let me live through a desperation and Herculean move on my part (well I do have a Fitness of 10!) with the aid of the others firing phasers at the tendrils to help me escape. It was frustrating because of all the factors involved in how messed up the situation was, but my character lived (through whatever means).

Regardless, fun was had and I'm looking forward to next week's session of Star Trek Adventures, weather permitting of course.
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