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Living Land Kickstarter Package Arrived! (Torg Eternity)

No gaming today (Sunday), of course, since Tammy is back on-call this week and next.

Spent a very quiet day, but received an interesting surprise earlier this afternoon. The mail carrier came by with a package for me! Apparently, because of the backlog of mail caused by the Christmas rush and the supposedly ended due to government legislation postal strike/slowdown, Canada Post will be delivering mail through Christmas and possibly beyond on the weekends. Anyway, back to the package...

The box delivered was revealed to have the Living Land Kickstarter pledge game products that I'd made some time back. This is the first cosm from the Torg Eternity RPG and the material that's been produced is...superb.

The Living Land boxed set was one of the fullest boxes of game material I've seen since the old DC Heroes 1st Edition set from Mayfair Games. This box is stacked and packed! :) I took about eight photos of the contents of the box, but my picture taking skills are pretty bad today, so I'm only posting these two.

Needless to say, I'm delighted to have received the package today, and there's enough reading material in this box to last me until at least March, 2019!! :)
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