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Mood and Books

I'm sitting here at my desk pondering the last couple of days, and feeling much better about the stress and feelings that I've had the last couple of days about things in life. The morning has been pretty calm here at work, and things are somewhat relaxed. My hospital and doctor visits are done with until October, when I get my annual physical and likely go in for the flu shot that is so vital to people who are in my age group. I spent part of last night figuring out how to handle certain things in my life at the moment, and part of the reason I'm feeling better and a bit happier about stuff is because I talked with Stef last night for over an hour. I'm not going into details here, but she's my tonic and my anchor in a lot of ways.

Reading-wise, I'm just about finished Greg Maguire's _Lost_, and have to say that I've really enjoyed this book, and appreciate the whole atmosphere of the protagonist's time in a London that is both jarring and somewhat reassuring. It has the feel of a ghost story, with elements of Jack the Ripper thrown in for good measure, and has a protagonist who is very much troubled for the much of the course of the book. Personally, I find her a refreshing character. Have started September's Locus, the magazine of the sf and fantasy field, and am enjoying the book reviews so far. I will likely re-read _Sisters of the Night_ a vampire anthology edited by Barbara Hambly, after this before digging another novel out of my to-read-queue.

I'm going to stop and pick up some chicken and various vegetables to do a stir fry up tonight, and perhaps have a bit of fruit of some sort for dessert. Just one of those days, I guess.

I'm going to finish this cup of hot chai tea, and then it's back to work.
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