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Sunday Capharnaüm Character Creation

Had a good character creation session this afternoon with Tammy.

She arrived at the usual time of 10 to 1, and after we sat and chatted for about 10 minutes, I was ready to get going and she got into the creation of her Capharnaüm - The Tales of the Dragon-Marked character.

I went through material on the game world with Tammy in a bit more detail than I normally would, since she's not overly familiar with Middle Eastern history, society and culture. She got into the afternoon quite nicely and created a for the moment nameless member of the Shiradim who follows the Path of the Red Lions of Shirad. The character is a capable and competent combat oriented character, but has a few other surprises in store for both SteveR and the opposition.

Even with all the game world discussion, we managed to complete the character in slightly less than four hours, and I was quite pleased with what she came up with in the end. I'm hoping she likes the character as well! I still have to create SteveR's character with him at some point this coming week as well. That'll be done over the phone, so a different animal.

I'm looking forward to running the Capharnaüm - The Tales of the Dragon-Marked RPG with the Sunday gaming group.
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