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Friday Evening Gaming Session Cancelled

It's Friday night.

Normally, I'd be getting ready for gaming with the Friday players this evening, but gaming has been cancelled for tonight.

Im axtually pretty sick at the moment, and any motion triggers a case of vertiginous trying to keep my balance, not to mention when I talk for any extended period of time, I start coughing away, feeling like I'm going to hack out my stomach or lungs. I'm better than I was ::knock on wood:: but I know my limits and am just not up to gaming tonight. While the Aunty (biotic) may finally be starting to take effect, I think, the mental fuzzies are not conducive to gaming.

I was quite looking forward to running the Friday night session of the on-going Capharnaüm - The Tales of the Dragon-Marked campaign tonight, but am just not physically up to it. Just gotta be optimistic, and look forward to the next Friday night session.
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