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Of Heart Attacks While Shovelling, the OC Transpo Strike Vote, and Dinosaur Auctions

A couple of stories that caught my eye in the news today...

Four shovellers have heart attacks

This is just sad, and terribly common at this time of year and after snowstorms, according to a local cardiologist. One of the problems is that folks who are going out to shovel snow is that shovelling snow is an isometric exercise, and those who are in poor physical shape and those who don't do some warm up exercises before they go and shovel are taking their lives into their hands. So let this be a warning to you, especially if you live in this kind of climate and have to deal with the snow like this.

Transit union rejects offer

And so the Ottawa public transit strike, now over a month long, will continue, and it looks like it's going to be a long strike. I could say all manner of stuff about the transit strike, but to be honest, it's a subject that a lot of people are talking about and blogging about, so there's nothing I really need to add. Other than the fact that the bus drivers and folks who work for OC Transpo could end up coming out of the this as the most hated people in the city of Ottawa by the time that it's over. The good news is that the friendliness and willingness of people to stop and give others a drive to wherever they are going (or at least close by during this time has been amazing and shows some of the good samaritanism that I had thought lost among people in this city. All I have to say is thank Goddess for car pools and the like.

Fossil hunters get bargain on dinosaur bones in Vancouver auction

All I have to say on this story is that I wish I lived on Canada's West coast. But then, let's get realistic here... I mean I would have loved to have the Edmontosaurus, but aside from the asking price (around $500,000, but it actually went for $150,000), where would I put it? The triceratops skull would have been nice to have, and I could have put this on the coffee table as a conversation piece, but I likely would have hurt myself on it. Besides, it sold for some $60,000 - a steal, I would think. The mosasaur would have been nice, but again, where to keep it...not like I have a high enough ceiling to suspend it from. And we won't even get into the dinosaur eggs, you know? *sigh*
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