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John Carter of Mars RPG Books, and CanGames

Gaming with the Sunday group was off for today, as Tammy was working on-call.

As a result, spross and I headed down to Fandom II, the oldest gaming store in Ottawa that has a massive variety of games crammed into the store, though the lighting could use work. Went down to the store as both SteveR and I needed to bu our membership passes for CanGames, 2019, the local gaming convention coming up the weekend of May 17th here in Ottawa. Picked up the membership, no problem. A weekend pass for the convention is $33 Canadian.

However, they had some games in stock that I wanted. Particularly the John Carter of Mars RPG that I really, really wants... Yes, I backed the game when it was Kickstarted, but I don't have my pledged for materials yet, as I'm in the last wave of shipments in April. However, they *had* the game in stock, everything but the miniatures (I think), and... Well, to make a long story short, SteveR bought me the Rulebook and the Narrator GM Screen for the game. As my (early) birthday present. On the condition that I do run the game at CanGames this year.

Here's a couple of pics that I took.

I'll take a few more of the interiors and stuff when I have time.

Lots to do now before CanGames. Thanks, SteveR! :)
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