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Universe RPG Gaming Last Night

Last night I ran the Universe SF rpg on the Friday night group. This was the first time I've run Universe in some five years or so, and I have to say that it was a real pleasure doing so. It's likeng one of those getting on a bicycle things, where you never forget how to ride once you've learned, and a good time was had by all.

I won't be posting up a blurb on the game session or anything, since from what I can tell, no one actually reads my rpg game session reports and posts; heck, I was hoping for a few comments on the Universe character that I had posted up yesterdya, but alas and definitely alack. Suffice it to say, things went well. The players had a good time getting back into the game, Joanne (who had never played Universe before) loved the "realistic" feel of the game, and recognised some stuff from sf literature that she has read. The best line of the night was, "It's just an asteroid, sir, there's nothing unusual about it" - just before something unusual happened. <evil g>

Going to grab a bit of lunch now, and do some reading, as I want to finish reading Jack McDevitt's Deepsix today.
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