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Found Hats

Maybe my cynicism is not so deserved after all.

I called Chapters after supper to see if someone had returned my tuque to their lost and found area, and to my surprise, the young clerk that I spoke to there told me that there was indeed a hat that matched my description. Since they are open until 10:00 pm, I was able to get a lift from my mother, and went in to see if it was my hat. And indeed, it was!

You folks have no idea how relieved and pleased I am to have gotten the hat/tuque back, and I guess it has renewed my faith in humanity somewhat. And more to the point, I am just glad to have my chapeau back! Yay!

I don't suppose that the person who found my lost tuque and returned it to Chapters' Lost and Found is reading this blog, of course, but if they are, I just want to say a hearty and heart felt *Thank you*.

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