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Unboxing Barsoom I - The Dice

Last year, Modiphius Entertainment announced the license for a John Carter of Mars roleplaying game, and launched a Kickstarter for the game (you can see my announcement about the game's Kickstarter by following the link).

Those of us who backed the John Carter of Mars Roleplaying Game Kickstarter at the upper levels of pledging have had to wait until now for our pledges to arrive. My large box of material arrived on Friday, and while I've taken the inventory of stuff in the box, have only started going through it now. So I figured that I'd post some pictures of the game materials from the box in several blog posts.

I thought I'd start with the game dice.

I ordered five sets of dice for the game for myself - 2 sets of Helium dice (the white ones), 2 sets of Zodanga dice (the red ones) and 1 set of Thark dice (the green ones). These sets of dice include five d20s and six d6s each; one set is perfect for running or playing the game. Two interesting things.

First, it turns out that the "white" Helium dice aren't white at all. They're supposed to be a white-yellow "ivory-like" mix, and indeed they look it. I had actually thought they were supposed to be white, so when I first saw them I thought my eye problems were worse than I knew. Was definitely relieved to learn they're not! Second, the sets of dice from the Kickstarter and the Modiphius Entertainment webstore are different from the dice available for retail. The retail set of dice consists of two d20s and four d6s, and since one can need up to 5 d20s and 6 d6s, if one buys the retail version of the dice, one may be wanting an extra two or three sets of the dice. Interesting.

Anyway, more unboxing blog entries as I write them. :)
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