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Sunday Afternoon John Carter of Mars RPG Sort of Playtest, Redux

Yesterday afternoon's game session with the Sunday afternoon gaming group was very enjoyable and a lot of fun. The Sunday gamers played another one-off test session of the John Carter of Mars Roleplaying Game, thus allowing me a bit more practice before I run the game at CanGames 2019 in two weeks.


Once the players showed up at my place around 1::00 pm, we sat down and chatted for a few minutes before getting into the game. Once more, I had created a couple of pre-generated characters for them to play, this time a Thark (green Martian) Scout and a Thark warrior. Tammy surprised me somewhat when she chose the scout. And once more, I ran an "on a wing and a prayer" scenario, starting with a basic premise and took it from there.

The premise of the session was simple: Set after John Carter had created the alliance between the red Martians of Helium and the Tharks, they were being sent to investigate a Warhoon incursion into Thark territory and the violation of a creche of Thark eggs. They learned more information in Thark before setting off, and then faced some Barsoom hazards and found the creche had been indeed violated, but not necessarily by what they had thought. They faced some interesting beasties of my own creation, and had a couple of leads to investigate more. The one thing I struggled with, oddly enough, was getting used to rolling the Barsoom dice that finally arrived with my Kickstarter backer pledge materials! I guess I'd grown accustomed to using a normal set of d20s and d6s. :)

As mentioned, this was a highly enjoyable session of the John Carter of Mars Roleplaying Game. I was very pleased with how the "on a wing and a prayer" turned out, and the players had a blast. I managed to clean up the intro element, keeping things relevant to what the players were doing (though I told them too much about Thark society, I suspect), but will still have to work on that for the intro to the CanGames adventure. I was still somewhat stressed and nervous about running the game, but I did pretty well and seem to have a good handle on how the rules work in the game now. Both players loved the change of pace playing the two green Martians and both players seemed to engage more with the characters this time out, and had fun with the whole four-armed, 12 feet tall characters. Lovely stuff.

As I've previously mentioned, I can't wait to run the game at the convention in a less than two weeks, but am also looking forward to the campaigns once I get into those with the Friday and Sunday groups.
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