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Unboxing Barsoom V - Landscape Art Location Deck & Character and Token Card Deck

As noted, I've started to unbox the materials from my John Carter of Mars Roleplaying Game Kickstarter backer pledge box of goodies that arrived. The fourth unbox journal entry covered the Prince of Helium Notebook, which you can see by following the link as noted.

Next up are the photos of the Landscape Art Location Deck and the Character and Token ard Deck for the game.

The two card decks that come in these boxes are very sturdy decks of cards, and the boxes that they come in aren't too shabby themselves in this regard.

The Landscape Art Location Deck consists of 52 landscape art cards that show some of the amazing vistas of the Red Planet on the front and evocative, descriptive text on the back that truly works to give the players and Narrator the feel of Barsoom. The cards are solid, relatively colourful, but while not necessary for play will give newbies to Barsoom a good feel for the planet. As can be seen from the text on Barsoomian Farms, definitely a good batch of writing went into these cards. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who's going to run the game, to be honest.

The Character and Token Card Deck, on the other hand, consist of 52 cards that illustrate the famed heroes and strange creatures that inhabit Barsoom. There are also three Narrator character reference cards (which I did not photograph) that are quite handy as well. All of these cards come with card backs for Momentum, Threat and Luck (as there have been no tokens for these produced for the game), so they do have some use to Narrators and players alike. (Personally, I'm using red beads for Momentum, white beads for Luck, and black beads for Threat. They work just fine.) This card deck is very beautiful, and has some wonderful illustrations, but it is not necessary to run a game of John Carter of Mars Roleplaying Game, though I guess the back of the cards with the Momentum, Luck and Threat "tokens" would be useful to gaming groups that want those props.

These two products don't seem to be available for retail sale (at least not that I've seen them), though they may be part of the special package deal sets that are listed on the website. But I'm not sure they are.
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