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As noted, I've started to unbox the materials from my John Carter of Mars Roleplaying Game Kickstarter backer pledge box of goodies that arrived. The eighth unbox journal entry covered the Ruins of Korad Tile Set, which you can see by following the link as noted.

Next up are the photos of the Airships of Barsoom Tile Set for the game.

The Airships of Barsoom tile set is a product that allows the Narrator and the players to travel the skies of Barsoom. You can choose between proudly flying the colours of Helium or Zodanga, and fight for control of the deck of an airsship of Barsoom. The set of tiles consists of 4 full-sized, double-sided tiles (measuring 9.45" x 9.45") and 4 half-sized, double-sided tiles (measuring 9.45" x 4.72"). They are designed to be used with 32mm scale miniatures specifically designed for the John Carter of Mars Roleplaying Game. The tiles are very nicely rendered and are solid enough material, although again, I've noticed that some of mine have already warped a bit. The two images that I've put up here are of small, one- or two-man (I believe) fliers, but the entire set of tiles when put together forms a huge Barsoomian airship. These tiles are terrific for what they are, and are a great showcase for player characters travelling on airships, fighting on the deck of an airship, boarding actions, and the like. While I'm not likely to use them for miniatures combat situations, since I don't really want to run a miniatures game, this set was certainly worth it to me.

I'll certainly be using these tiles in my games, as they're a great visual and game reference. Again, I wouldn't say that they are a necessary product for the game and might be considered a bit pricey by some potential gamers. Your mileage may vary.


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