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Unboxing Barsoom X - The Fabric Map of Barsoom

As noted, I've started to unbox the materials from my John Carter of Mars Roleplaying Game Kickstarter backer pledge box of goodies that arrived. The ninth unbox journal entry covered the Airships of Barsoom Tile Set, which you can see by following the link as noted.

Next up are the photos of the Fabric Map of Barsoom for the game.

The Fabric Map of Barsoom is absolutely beautiful and stunning. This is a large, 39" x 27" (100cm x 71cm) map of Barsoom, the same map rendered by freelance artist and cartographer Francesca Baerald, fabric map of Barsoom. The material is the same material from which flags are made, meaning after long enough out of its packaging, it will retain its shape, and the photos of the map above do not do it justice (even with my meager photgraphic skills!). This beauty was available as part of the Jeddak of Jeddak pledges, but I didn't go that high, so had to take it as an Add-On later.

I'm don't believe this product is available outside the Kickstarter, but that depends on how many of them were made up for the Kickstarter backers and whether there are any extras available. Was it worth the price I paid for it? Yes. It is something essential for the game? No. If you have the Poster Map version (see this unboxing entry), you don't need it. If you don't have the Poster Map, I'd suggest getting that as the less expensive product.
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