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Dice to Go, Version 4

As a general rule, when I go to the local gaming convention here in Ottawa, CanGames, I try to take dice and provide for the folks playing in any of the games I run. And this year is no exception.

I have one of these very nice wooden, 10" dice trays that I purchased years ago from Koplow Games (which they still sell, though not on-line), and that's what I take with me every year for CanGames.

And well... it's ready to go for this year. Dice to go! :)

In addition to the Dice Tray for use by the players at the table (both the dice and the tray for rolling in), I also have my own, personal use dice ready to go as well.

There's a whole bunch of purple d20s for use in other folks games, a set of blue d10s for use with the Blue Planet RPG in all its incarnations, sixteen green with a scarab on them d6s that I'll be using for Capharnaüm - The Tales of the Dragon-Marked, my set of five d20s and six d6s for use in the John Carter of Mars Roleplaying Game, and my set of white dice that I use for other necessary rolls and games I'm playing in. I do not share these dice. Nobody but me gets to use these dice. So there. :)
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