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Io Sono Venuto, Ho Gamed, Io Sopravvissuti A

I have returned home.

I came, I gamed, I survived. (I think.)

I'm home from CanGames 2019 (well, about an hour or so ago, iirc), and have come through the convention in pretty good shape, I think. There were some really excellent moments, a couple of not-so-great moments, but I think I enjoyed my weekend of gaming immensely for the most part. I will be posting up three or four journal entries during the next week or so about the convention, but for now I'm just glad CanGames is over for 2019.

I don't remember exactly when I got back to the house, but have only unpacked a minimal amount of the gaming stuff and am about to go relax for 20 or so minutes with a cup of tea, then hopefully get some sleep. I've got my foot and leg problems as well as the shoulder problems, and I hope I haven't picked up con crud at the convention. ::knock on wood:: Remarkably, my voice actually survived the convention this year.

Good night, all.
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