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'Twas the Day After CanGames

Hope everyone is having a good day. :)

CanGames 2019 is pretty much a done deal for me, though the folks who organised and put on this year's edition of the convention are probably dealing with the aftermath of the convention and hopefully getting in some rest today as well.

While I was fighting the tail end of a bout of bronchitis and was taking an antibiotic for that and was also suffering from bad pain in my left foot and leg, I made the decision to attend the convention this year. Perhaps it wasn't the smartest decision I've made, since I was running four (4) game sessions of stuff, but I not only managed to survive CanGames but came out of it doing pretty well and in decent shape. I have to say I had a pretty good time running my games at CanGames 2018 and catching up with a few friends (and making some new ones), but I'll admit that parts of Saturday passed in a bit of a blur. The convention had a little bit of something for everyone - from children's games, through board games, miniature games, roleplaying games, and I think there may have been a LARP event, but am not sure - but I'll admit that I missed most of it. I managed to do what I set out to do at the convention, but didn't actually take all that many photos this year. (If folks who did take photos at the convention would care to share them, I'd be more than happy to see any pics and the like!)

On this holiday Monday, I'm taking it very easy, doing a bit of reading and catching up on some PVR stuff, drinking plenty of liquids (both hot and cold). I've unpacked all of the gaming stuff and it's mostly sorted out. I haven't jotted down any notes about the gaming that I did this weekend yet, but will take care of some of that later today.

I just hope the rest of this month is relatively calm and quiet in terms of everything, that I don't come down with con crud ::knock on wood:: and that I can sort out some of the diabetes problems I'm currently dealing with.
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