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Joan D. Vinge

Been doing a bit of surfing and catching up on my favourite sf and fantasy authors this evening. One of my favourite sf authors has always been Joan D. Vinge. (Here's the Wikipedia link.) While a lot of folks are fond of the Snow Queen books or the Cat books, I have always been very fond of her work, The Outcasts of Heaven's Belt and the Heaven Chronicles series. While it's a bit out of date, there is some sad news from the JDV camp...

A Letter From Joan D. Vinge, November 2008

While I really hope to see some more new work from this talented author, I would especially love to see some more stuff set in the Heaven Chronicles series. Why the heck do more sf authors not live in Canada, where we have very good health care and so forth?

I really wish Joan well, and hopes things take a turn for the better soon.

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