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Sunday Afternoon's Errands (and Exhaustion)

Since Tammy was working yesterday (Sunday), the gaming group didn't play for the day and tis allowed me to get in some errands and the like. Mostly.

spross came over in the early afternoon, and we packed up the books that I wanted to sell in boxes and took them out to the car. Our first stop of the day was the Purolator offices on Hawthorne Road. I needed to send back one of the Bell Canada receiver/box thingamies that had been shipped in the mail, but lo and behold, they were closed on Sunday. Figures.

From there, it was downtown to Bank Street, and the Book Bazaar second-hand bookstore. Steve had brought two boxes worth of books that he wanted to get rid of, and I had three (very large) boxes of books to dispose of. I was hoping to get a decent price for the books that I had taken down, since it would help me in terms of paying some bills, but while I got a decent price on the books, the store owner had a lot of stuff come in recently and just couldn't give me the value for the books that I would have liked. Oh, well...

By this time it was well after 2:50 pm, and SteveR and I were both starving. Since we were heading for the Merivale and Clyde area, we figured we'd eat at one of the restaurants there ('cause the day was very hot) and went into the Local Heroes Sports Bar & Grill for some lunch on Clyde Avenue. I wanted something healthy, but decided to try the smoked meat sandwich, which came with a side (so I had the small salad). It was a bit fatty for my taste, and no match for the smoked meat at Dunn's (which I will have to visit some time soon, as I've not been there in a while).

From there, it was just a walk along the strip mall to the Comic Book Shoppe about four stores over. The shoppe was blessedly cool (as it should be!) and I managed to find some of the stuff I was looking for. Every time I go shopping for comics I keep hoping that there will be a new Legion of Super-Heroes title out, but of course there never is. :(

In any event, I picked up the issue of Doomsday Clock that I was missing and the most recent issue, as well as some Barsoom graphic novels featuring Dejah Thoris. Here's the picture of the comic book haul...

Doomsday Clock is a series that is seemingly a continuation of and more about the Watchmen, though it is supposed to have a major, lasting effect on the DC Universe as a whole. The writing by Geoff Johns is stellar, but the plot is a bit...meh. The Barsoom graphic novels that I picked up, all featuring Dejah Thoris, look pretty good and I can't wait to start in on them.

Got home very late, after 5:00 pm, and drank a couple of glasses of water to re-hydrate and had some carrots. Lay down for a bit, and woke up just before 7:20 pm. Obviously I needed the nap/sleep!
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