John Kahane (jkahane) wrote,
John Kahane

Colonoscopy Set For a Week Today

Well, another medical journey begins a week today...

(This post may be too TMI for some folks. I apologize for this.)

In exactly one week, on June 25th, I will be undergoing a colonoscopy - again.

I've had three colonoscopies in my life before, all of them unpleasant, and some resulting in side effects that required further treatment. While the colonoscopy itself is not pleasant (to say the least), at least in my experience, it's the prep for the colonoscopy that's the worst part. The diabetes complicates matters, especially given how many foods I can and can't eat and how many of my meds I can and can't have.

The preparation for the procedure begins in earnest on Thursday, the 20th. I'm not looking forward to this whole thing at all, and am seriously stressing out about everything pertaining to it. Ick.
Tags: colonoscopy, diabetes, doctor, health hut, personal, stress

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