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Game Convention Season Begins

The gaming convention season has officially begun.

I heard from the folks at CanGames this week, asking me what I wanted to run and game at the convention this year.

I decided that I am going to run games of Desolation, the post-apocalyptic fantasy rpg, and Universe, the old SPI science fiction roleplaying game. More information on the games I'll be running to come, once I hear back about the schedule and all.

I do wish I had known the theme for this year's CanGames some time around September or October or so, as I would have potentially written a Desolation or Hollow Earth Expedition scenario based around it, Heck, could even have done something for SkyRealms of Jorune for that, using the woffen, the bronth, the crugar, or some such as the evil creatures for the scenario and all. Ah, well, I am content with what I've got lined up for the convention for this year. I won't be running Hollow Earth Expedition, as spross decided he wanted to run that there this year, so there will be no prequel or sequel tale to the Carmichael Saga (as I call it) for now. But spross had better live up to the HEX rep and quality of games that I've got there...
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