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Gaming and a Movie

While I am no longer going to be providing a blow-by-blow or plot overview of the stuff going on with either of my two gaming groups, I just have to comment on last night's game of Universe. Last night's gaming session was reinforcement that it was a good decision to go back to one of the older rpgs. The Friday night gamers got into the session of Universe and had a grand old time dealing with the situation that confronted them. What was the most surprising part of it, not that it should have been, was the fact that that all of us who have played the game before are experiencing the Universe system again through the eyes of the player who has not played it before - Joanne. That, more than anything, is turning the experience into something truly special.

After the session of Universe ended, the gaming group stuck around, and watched another film noir flick. This time around it was 1952's Beware, My Lovely, starring Ida Lupino and Robert Ryan. The movie is one that I absolutely adore for its clichéed elements of the genre, coming as it did at a time when film noir was in its decline, but for all of that the acting by both Robert Ryan and Ida Lupino is superb. Kathy and Nick commented that they were a bit let down by the movie, because it had a lot of the tropes and steroetypes associated with film noir, although they did like the way the movie turns out in the end, even if they were expecting something more romantic and/or horrific.

Overall, a good night of gaming and a movie, even if I didn't get to bed until after 2:30 am.
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