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Re-Reading the Legion of Super-Heroes Comics

For those who have not heard, the Legion of Super-Heroes will be returning to current DC Comics continuity with a new series.

As a long-time Legion of Super-Heroes fan, I started a re-read of the comics from the beginning in late March and early April, but things got put on hold for some time due to other things going on in my life. I started off posting about the issues, starting with Adventure Comics #247 (the first appearance of the Legion in 1958), on my Twitter blog but...


...I've come to realize that it's too time consuming to do the posts there. So have decided to write them here on my blog. I won't be starting with the run from the beginning (so if you want to see those posts, you'll have to check my Twitter feed!), but will start with the first issue of the Superboy title when the Legion took over with Superboy starring the Legion of Super-Heroes #197 (September, 1973).

Hope everyone enjoys my blog entries about the Legion of Super-Heroes and the re-reads of the Legion's glorious (and at times, not so glorious) past! :)
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