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A Night at the Hospital

Came home from the hospital this morning.

The gist of it is this... I was feeling very ill last night, as mentioned maybe in a previous post and some tweets. I've got a terrible, hacking cough, bad chest pain, it hurts every time I breathe, and just feel miserable. For those who feel this post may hold TMI, you can just avoid reading it.

Around 10:15pm last night I called a cab and went to the Ottawa General Hospital ER. Got to the hospital around 10:30pm and was checked in at the main desk around 10:50pm. I was sitting in the waiting area, coughing on and off as the hours went by, and was also coughing up a bit of blood in the phlegm that was coming out of me.

Around 2:35am, I was finally sent for a chest x-ray set, though I'd not yet seen a doctor. I was so shaky by this time, that I wasn't sure I could walk the length of the hospital to the x-ray department and so the triage nurse called for a porter to get a wheelchair for me to go down. After 20 minutes, she told me that it a busy night in the main hospital, even though Emergency was pretty deserted. I finally caved in, and walked to the x-ray department; it wasn't a long walk, as it turned out, about 10 minutes. But I was choking on phlegm and shaky and weak by the time I got there, and was hacking up a storm. They took a set of four x-rays from different angles, and then when they looked and saw they had been good x-ray plates, sent me back to Emergency.

It was close to 5:00am that the triage nurse called my name, and they took me in to one of the beds in the main emergency ward. Pretty empty, with only some 5 other beds occupied. Needless to say, they gave me a bed that was so short I couldn't lie down. But there were some comfy Chesterfield electric lounge chairs or whatever they're called just in the hallway, so I left my stuff at the bed area, and sat in one of those. I asked at the Nurse's Station, and was told the doctor would be around some time after 6:00am.

Around 5:25am, one of the nurses came in with orders for some blood tests. She took the tests, and also did an EKG on me, and then went away. She had a good touch with the needle, so I hope I don't bruise too badly.

The doctor, an older man by the name of Dr. Hebert, came in to see me about 6:20am. He and I recognized each other from a hospital visit I had last year. He told me that he'd gotten back most of the test results, though he was waiting on a couple more, but had some immediate thoughts. He asked me a bunch of health- and personal-related questions, listened to my chest from various angles, and asked a few more questions. Then he told me that he would be back to see me when the final results came back.

At 7:10am, the doctor came back to see me, and confirmed that all the test results were back in. He told me that I'm pretty ill, with a combination of asthma, allergies, a reaction to the heat in the house (as the ductless air conditioner doesn't do the job of a central a/c system), but that the EKG and blood work also showed that I had high stress markers and the blood work indicated a bunch of markers for some possible heart irregularities that I may have had the last couple of days, though the enzymes were barely present. The x-rays came back clear - no sign of bronchitis or pneumonia, which I had feared. The doctor prescribed five days of Prednisone, to stay as a/c-ed as I can, to take it easy, and continue to take my inhaler puffer.

I was released from the hospital around 7:40am this morning, and took a taxi cab home. I managed to sleep here at the house for about four hours. Have since taken a shower, and eaten a light brunch. Going to try and spend the rest of the day sleeping, napping, whatever. Maybe watch some pvr or perhaps read some Sorcerers Of Ur-Turuk RPG material.

I'm exhausted, feeling sorry for myself, and feeling sick. On top of that, I'm coughing like mad and my throat be absolutely raw.
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