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News from the Docs

Meant to post this this morning, but nearly forgot I had a doctor's appointment, and have also been trying to catch up on a bit of office-related work.

The optometrist appointment yesterday was pretty good. My eyes have not degraded at all from my last appointment (about a year ago) and there is no sign of retinopathy in my eyes, something that has to be a concern for all diabetics. He made a couple of suggestions about glasses that I can wear, and also talked to me about a few other things as well. After the various solutions and stuff applied to my eyes, not to mention the pressure test and the vitreous test, I was blind for a good six (6) hours or so after the tests. Took a taxi home, and rested for the remainder of the day, since I couldn't read and couldn't watch any tv or work on the computer. My vision only returned properly during the early evening, so I was able to cook a decent meal for myself around 8:00 pm, and then did a bit of reading and answering of e-mail.

This morning saw me go to my family doctor for my regular five-month check-up. This appointment was a completely different kettle of fish. The good news was about my toe. The toe that I smashed up pretty badly in December is on the mend, and it looks like the toe nail is healing and the nail will not be lost or require surgery. It is going to take a bit longer than expected, due to the neuropathy in my feet that is already there, but things are looking good in that respect; just a matter of time to heal, and not injuring my foot again.

The bad news is the diabetes itself. Since I was taken off the Metformin, the diabetes blood sugar readings have gone up much higher, and he is seriously concerned about this. While the bowel problems have eased off considerably, the trade-off may or may not be worth it. Therefore, next week I am going to have blood tests done again to see what the state of my diabetes is at, and whether I need to change or add to the medications again. Ah well, it could be worse and all...

So, some good news and some bad news. Much like the rest of life and all. And so it goes.

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