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RPGaDay in August - August 20th: Noble

We continue on with #RPGaDay in August.



Day 20 - Noble.

Oh, dear...

Nobles are the rank of people in roleplaying games that, traditionally, can make life difficult for player characters, most of whom are not nobles. That said, when given a choice to play a Noble character or not, only about a handful of the players I've had at my table over the years have chosen to play one. Part of it stems from the idea that when you play a noble, you have privileges and benefits (one of which usually involves a Wealth perk of some sort) not available to characters of lower social station, but you also have (weighty) responsibilities and priorities that those lower class characters don't have to deal with.

One of the ways around this is, of course, playing the noble character exiled from their home for crimes real or imaginary, but this gets around the whole responsibility and priority issues mentioned above. Taking this route, of course, means that one doesn't get the benefit(s) of the Wealth noted above, but such is life.

What can be interesting, however, is the difference between playing a Noble in a fantasy rpg as opposed to one in a science fiction rpg. There are certain tropes and elements to playing Nobles in the two genres that are similar, of course, but there are some interesting differences that lend themselves to a unique gaming experience, depending on the genre.

That said, the players in my games who have taken Noble characters and all that goes along with them have quite enjoyed playing those characters, and the campaigns they were involved in (a DragonQuest RPG one, a Pendragon one and a Fading Suns one, to name but three) were some of the most entertaining games I have run. Part of that stems from the fact that Noble campaigns and games involving Noble characters don't have to focus too much on typical dungeon-eering and combat-oriented adventures, but instead have a more social element to them as the characters make the effort to make their part of the game world (hopefully) better.

Noble characters tend to bring a different feel and style to a game, if they are played well, and I do at times wish that more player took the Noble characters on more often in my games.

And there you have this twentieth post for #RPGaDay for August, 2019. Comments, thoughts, questions, etc. are all welcome, of course.
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