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RPGaDay in August - August 25th: Calamity

We continue on with #RPGaDay in August.



Day 25 - Calamity

Been having a tough day mentally, and haven't really come up with anything for this word. However, let's talk both personal life and in the gaming life...

Personally, I've suffered from the calamities of both fire and flood, not at the same time. Without going into detail on either, both cost me books and roleplaying stuff in the destructive aftermath, as well as the loss of game notes, personal papers and the like. I have not been able to replace most of the stuff that I lost in the fire and the flood, but that's the way things go sometimes.

In gaming life, the worst calamity I've seen was a game of a long-forgotten science fiction system called Genesis that never went very far. Suffice to say, a couple of players didn't get along all that well and it spilled over into the characters they were playing in the game. It all culminated in an alien vessel's cargo hold where one of the characters fired their energy weapon and "accidentally" hit the oxygen tanks on the other character's spacesuit. Both characters died in the massive explosion caused by the detonation, and one of the other player characters was seriously injured. I can't recall anything else about that game or that session, and don't even remember what we played after that story ended. But it was definitely calamitous!

And there you have this twenty-fifth post for #RPGaDay for August, 2019. Comments, thoughts, questions, etc. are all welcome, of course.
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