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The Start of September, A New Month

It's the start of September. A new month.

I'm really glad to see the back end of August. While there were a few good things that happened in August, most of the month was pretty miserable for me. The middle of the month was particularly bad, with allergies and other bad stuff health-wise.

While the beginning of September hasn't been all that much fun, the weather has been somewhat cooler and more fall-like today. I'm really hoping that September is a good month for me and that I get a chance to do some gaming, some reading, that my feet and legs get a chance to rest and perhaps start to feel better. And that the rest of my body does something...right.

In the meantime, I'm spending the afternoon today down at the Comic Book Shoppe here in Ottawa, since I need to pick up the comics that have accumulated for the last month and I also need to grab the ten (10!) comic boxes that are waiting for me there.
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