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As most folks who read my blog know, I'm in the process of re-reading my entire collection of the Legion of Super-Heroes run of comics from the beginning. And trust me, that's a heck of a lot of comics! :)

Part of the reason for the LSH re-reads is because I've not re-read the comics in a while now, but it's also about preserving the comics a bit better in new, proper comic boxes with proper bagging technique (acid-free comic bags and back boards). Since it took a while to get the comic boxes at my local Comic Book Shoppe, it took longer to box some of the older stuff properly. I've been blogging my re-reads of each issue since the run of Superboy starring the Legion of Super-Heroes Vol 1 #197 here, but had blogged all the earlier comics from the beginning over on my Twitter feed.

Anyway, I spent a relaxing day today after the trials and tribulations of going grocery shopping yesterday. The stress that it puts on my lower legs, my hips, my ankles and feet is...not good. So today has been a day to take it easy, keep the feet uplifted, and just relax. I figured I'd spend the day also bagging some of the earlier comics and re-reading them, while updating my write-up files on the specific issues in question. Here are the six issues that I re-re-read again today and updated my files on.

These stories include the first appearance of Dr. Mantis Morlo and his Chemoids, the second appearance of the Fatal Five, the first appearance of the Dark Circle, and the introduction of Shadow Lass. Some really good stories in this batch of tales, a couple of classics (I'll let you decide which!), but it served the purpose of distracting me for a large chunk of the day and allowing me to re-live some classic Legion of Super-Heroes moments.

A good day, methinks.

Oh, and... Long Live the Legion! :)


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